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Over 25 years of experience in the sandwich panel production combined with our own ideas of innovative products were the basis for Solcraft® foundation in 2011. read more about the company

Product idea

H-Block®, is patented, box shaped structural insulated panel made of polyurethane foam permanently combined with wood based OSB panel.

Lightweight but very durable, H-Block® is a structural material for construction of load-bearing and / or curtain walls, ceilings, roofs and floors in residential/apartment buildings and public facilities. Although it is used primarily as a load-bearing element, it can also be used as filling in the wooden, steel or concrete construction. At the same time H-Block® is a superior thermal insulator and hence - the perfect material for the construction of energy efficient and passive buildings.

Closed-cell polyurethane foam is an insulating material with the highest thermal resistance among commercially available insulating materials. Unlike polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane is resistant to most common chemicals, insects, rodents, and does not melt up to 230°C. Unlike mineral wool, polyurethane is resistant to moisture and does not degrade in contact with water vapor. It does not loose heat resistance and is resistant to microbial development. Polyurethane foam closed in a box-shaped OSB is a very strong composite material that allows load transfer of the walls of buildings high up to 4 floors, constructing floors and ceilings without wooden structure and construction of self-bearing roofs or roofs that require reduced to a minimum rafter framing.

The fact that H-Block® panels are manufactured in the production hall provides them with high quality and enables construction of a house regardless of the weather.

Fast installation of prefabricated elements enables construction of a building in only few days and allows earlier start of internal works. Moreover, optimization of the panel usage, made by dedicated to this computer program, minimizes waste.

H-Block® system is also very flexible and therefore many varied architectural projects can be adapted to it.