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Over 25 years of experience in the sandwich panel production combined with our own ideas of innovative products were the basis for Solcraft® foundation in 2011. read more about the company

About Us

Over 25 years of the boards experience in the sandwich panel production (within the Tarmont company) combined with our own ideas of innovative products, patented both in Poland and outside the country, were the basis for Solcraft foundation in 2011.

As the first company in the market, we specialize in the production of energy-efficient and ecological building materials of a new generation, inspired by the American and Western Europe markets.

In order to make our products more available to domestic customers and provide them logistic comfort we located our first production plant in the central part of Poland - Bogdanka next to Łódź. The sale department, in turn, is situated in Michałowice, just next to Warsaw. The capital neighbourhood provides easy access to our foreign business partners .

Thorough analysis of customers’ needs in terms of cost-saving building systems (both investment costs as well as exploitation costs) and the attempt to satisfy them provide a basis for our business activity. We are very particular about the ratio of our products’ prices to the effects of their application. We make building industry energy-efficient and economic.